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Music At [your] Place 

The COVID-19 pandemic  and the resulting social-distancing has halted almost all travel and caused us to have to postpone MAP for this year.  However, we were not ok with failing to offer our enrolled students substantive educational experiences, so the faculty of MAP decided that since we can't have Music Across the Pond, that we will have Music At [your] Place!


From June 8-12 we will be offering an amazing online experience featuring our full-time faculty and a phenomenal list of guest teachers.  Each day there will be several events for each of the MAP programs of study including sessions on repertoire, pedagogy, diction, movement and interpretation, chamber music collaboration, career building, and more.  We will also have a number of combined sessions for all members of MAP.  Finally, enrolled students will participate in online applied lessons.

The access to streaming video communication has allowed us to widen our list of guest speakers and bring in some really exciting folks!  We will talk with multi Screen Actor Guild Award winner, Bryan Batt; McGill University's Patrick Hansen will talk about being about being a "Portfolio Artist"; multi- Grammy Award winning conductor and choral arranger Simon Carrington will lead a score study session; we will have a Q&A session with leading Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano, Kate Lindsey; Grammy Award winning and eminent collaborative pianist Roger Vignoles will talk about the pianist perspective of song collaboration; Indiana University's Prof. Mary Ann Hart will talk about exciting song repertoire, Baritone Weston Hurt will share his thoughts on the "career"; and much, much more!  The week will finish with us all "attending" the Falmouth International Virtual Sea Shanty Festival and offering a Liederabend of our own.


Of course, since we are doing all of this online, we want to invite musicians who are interested in attending MAP in future, healthier summers to join us too.  Please direct any of your interested colleagues to email the MAP administration for access to the events (


Please read below for the schedule of events and for the biographies of all of our fantastic teachers.  


We will miss seeing all of you in beautiful England, but are thrilled to be able to work with you all very soon!!


-Dave and Lelia Sadlier, and the entire MAP faculty

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