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Chamber Music Performance: Falmouth, June 12-28 2022


The core of the MAP Performance Program is to teach the intricacies of effective and communicative performances. This chamber music program will include a string ensemble working on string chamber music (and possibly piano/string ensembles) as well as collaborations with vocalists.  The ensemble will be challenged in level-specific repertoire and performance opportunities.  Participants will engage in daily rehearsals, regular coachings, masterclasses, private lessons, and performances.


Program Curriculum:


  •  Daily rehearsals

  •   Chamber music coaching (3 a week = approximately 7)

  •   Applied lessons (3-5)

  •   Art song coaching (approximately 4-6)

  •   Master class performances with MAP faculty (vocal collaborations)

  •   Master class performances with Guest Vocal Master Teachers (Possibly)


Performance Opportunities

  •   Two recital performances in Cornwall

  •   Oratorio/concert opera performance in Cornwall

  •   MAP-on-Tap (performances of lighter repertoire in local pubs)

  •   Vocal Master classes

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