Ground travel at the end of MAP will arrive back at Heathrow, so generally ,Heathrow International Airport (LHR) serves as the easiest point of entry, however flights can also be booked into Gatwick Airport.  In addition, students may opt to arrange flights through Bristol or Birmingham as these smaller airports often have special rates.  Students who choose to use an airport other than Heathrow will be responsible for their own end-of-program ground transport.

Students should plan to arrive in England on June 4, which will most likely require a June 3 departure from North America.  Also, all return flights should depart no earlier than 6:00PM on June 28 (although housing through MAP is not available for longer stays in England).

Ground transport:

Students must arrange their own ground transport from their arrival airport to Oxford for the beginning of MAP.  Following this, all ground transport during MAP included and will be either via train or coach.  Again, return transport is included to Heathrow.  All students are welcome to use this transport, however, if your departure airport is somewhere other than Heathrow, you will be responsible for this final leg of your journey.



Students at the Institute might have family members who wish to visit for our concerts.  Falmouth has many wonderful hotels including:

The Falmouth Hotel click here

St. Michaels Hotel click here

The Greenbank Hotel click here

The Chelsea House B&B click here

The Grove Hotel Falmouth click here

The Greenlawns Hotel click here

For more information click here


Documents and Insurance:

Valid U.S. Passport

ISIC travel insurance: Each student is required to purchase the International Student Identification Card, which is the most recognized student ID card in the world.  It affords each students many discounts while traveling.  ISIC offers travel insurance through this for $22 (basic) or $77 (premium).  Follow this link for more information: Click Here

Liability waiver forms

Emergency Contact form