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The goals of Music Across the Pond are not only to provide a world-class musical and cultural experience, but also to make this affordable! We are one of the least expensive European training programs and offer the most substantive musical and cultural immersion possible.

MAP 2024 Tuition: $2500

  • 10 nights lodging with breakfast (June 7-17, 2024)*

  • All curriculum of MAP

  • Experiential learning to theme-specific locations


(Note: airfare to the UK is not included, nor is lunch and dinner each day)

Scholarships/Reductions/Payment Plans:

  • MAP offers substantial financial discounts. Our goal is to make this work for your wallet!  All reductions carry a modest work-study assignment.


  • Interest Free Payment Plans:  In order to help each accepted student to plan financially, and to spread out the cost of tuition, MAP is happy to offer payment plans to match your needs.

    • Here’s how it works:

      • Accept your offer from MAP in writing and secure your spot with your initial deposit of $1500.

      • Decide whether you would like to pay the remaining balance in a lump sum on April 15, or in bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly payments. 

      • The earlier you apply, the more flexible we can be!!


During the past 9 years, MAP (as CASI) has had students from all walks of life and the Administration has aided students in fund-raising and financial planning for MAP.  Do not ignore this possibility based on finances.  Let us help you make MAP a reality!

MAP Fundraising Tactics:


1)  Tax deductible:  

MAP as a 501c3 non-profit is able to offer tax deductible certificates for a significant percentage (around 50%) of the tuition.  This would amount to a huge net reduction of the overall cost.  The final number is cannot be determined until after the completion of the program and all actual student costs have been paid and converted into US funds.  From this, we will be able to determine how much of the tuition can be counted as a donation to MAP operating costs.

2) Summer research grants through your school: 

Almost every university offers money for students to travel and study in the summer.  These might be available from International Studies, the Student Government Association, your own Department, or even through a "booster club" that supports either the music area or international studies.  I bet if you start calling some offices and asking your professors at your university you will get some good leads!

3) Benefit recitals:

If you are a member of a church. synagogue, or any other "community organization," chances are that they will be willing to host you for a benefit recital.  Previous MAP students have made THOUSANDS of dollars by offering a concert for their parents, families, congregation members, and extended friends who are invited by those that you DO know.  I can give you more info on organizing this, if you are interested (which you should be!).

4) Home-stay scholarships through MAP:

These are  both a great way to save about $500, but even more so, a great chance to live like a local in Falmouth and to make some extended-family across the pond.  Our homestay students all RAVED about their experience with some amazingly generous and kind families in Cornwall.  Housing is in either private bedrooms or with one other MAP student.

5)  Frequent Flyer Miles donation: 

A great way for people to contribute to your international aspirations without breaking their bank is through the donation of frequent flyer miles.  Many, many people travel regularly for work and have an excess of miles that can translate into a free airplane ticket for you.  Ask around for family members, friends, and philanthropists who might be able to help in this regard.

6) Online fund-raising:

Websites such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe are great for getting help from extended circles of acquaintances, and even from people who you don't know but like your goals.

Payment methods:

MAP can accept payment via cash, check, credit card, or transfer.  Online payments through Venmo are free of charge.  PayPal payments for the application fee are also free of charge, but all tuition payments via PayPal will incur a 3% charge to cover the fees charged to MAP by PayPal.

Additional Fees/Deposit Information

Application Fee


Program Deposit

If admitted, a non-refundable deposit of $1500, and all liability and agreement forms are due within 2 weeks of acceptance and not later than March 15, 2020.  Payment of the full balance is due by April 15, 2020.

Conversion Rate/Damage Deposit

Since most payments that MAP makes are in Great British Pounds, and all revenue is generated in American Dollars, MAP collects a Conversion Rate Deposit to be submitted with final payments for the 2024 season.  This deposit will also be used to cover any damages to venues or property caused by each participant during MAP 2024.

The $300 deposit is refundable if there is no negative change in the exchange rate between the date of final payment (April 15, 2024) and the final day of MAP 2024 (June 17, 2024) and/or if no damage is caused by each individual participant. We have never had to use the conversion deposits in the past, but need to build in a cushion should the exchange rate change greatly.  

If there is negative turn in the value of the Dollar in relation to the GBP, or it is found that a participant (or group of participants) is responsible for damage to venues or property, the MAP administration will be solely in charge of the allocation of these deposit fees to offset the exchange rate differences or damage repair.

Documents and Insurance:

Valid U.S. Passport

ISIC travel insurance: Each student is required to purchase the International Student Identification Card, which is the most recognized student ID card in the world.  It affords each students many discounts while traveling.  ISIC offers travel insurance through this for $22 (basic) or $77 (premium).  Follow this link for more information:

Liability waiver forms

Emergency Contact form

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