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Guest Teachers

Commitment to expressivity, musicality, and text connection is not limited only to solo performers. In that, MAP has developed the one-of-a-kind Choral Conducting Program to offer an intensive, international summer-learning experience to both experienced choral conductors and current choral music education students. 


Members of the Choral Program will benefit from one-on-one conducting instruction from our Director of Choral Activities and a rich choral curriculum including:

  • Choral repertoire

  • Choral rehearsal techniques

  • Body awareness

  • Applied voice or piano lessons

  • and more…

All MAP Choral Program participants will also perform in the MAP Chorale.  This ensemble will perform repertoire ranging from intimate chamber ensemble, to gender-specific selections, to mixed choral repertoire, to large massed ensemble in our Master Works concert.

The MAP Choral program will have several performance opportunities including:

  • One concert in Oxford

  • Two concerts of choral repertoire in Cornwall

  • Ensemble and Conducting performance in the Master Works concert

  • Master class performances

MAP Scholars and Apprentices

Based on each applicant’s experience level, MAP will place our conducting students into either the Scholar or Apprentice level.  This delineation will help decide the level and amount of repertoire that each conductor will prepare and perform as well as the classes in which each conductor will lead an ensemble.  As a general guide, the Scholars will be comprised of graduate students and current professional teachers/conductors while the Apprentices will be for students still pursuing undergraduate studies in Choral Music Education.

MAP Scholars:

The Scholar’s Program is aimed at experienced choral conductors ready to hone their skills through the input of major international choral conductors.  During the Oxford component of MAP, Scholars will conduct members of University of Oxford chapel choirs under the tutelage of our Guest Master Teachers, sing in an Even Song service at Worcester College, and attend lectures related to repertoire and/or choral traditions.  The Falmouth portion will focus on the preparation of pieces exploring selections from the vast wealth and history of the International choral repertory as related to the 2022 theme of: Celebration.  The experience will culminate in several participant-led public performances of repertoire for both choir and massed ensemble.

MAP Choral Apprentice:

Designed to lay the foundation for emerging choral conductors and music education students, MAP Choral Apprentices will learn from a broad range of opportunities.  In addition to the above curriculum, students will be assigned level-appropriate repertoire to prepare as a conductor while building their skills on the podium.  Apprentices will attend all Guest Master Class sessions and have the opportunity to perform in selected events.

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